do we offer?

Integral Communication

Calls, press releases and press conferences, informative meetings and clipping in written press, radio, television and online media.

Elaboration of graphic material, photographic reports of events, image bank, corporate image design, brochures and advertising.

Event organization and protocol, blog and website editing, positioning and management of social networks.

Cultural Management

We design and develop all kinds of projects, cultural and creative activities, both those of a one-off nature, such as exhibitions, conferences, events and educational workshops, as well as commissioning programming services, production and execution of cultural initiatives in the medium and long term, as well as the management of creative spaces.

In the cultural field, one of our specialties is the design, management and justification for the search of public or private funding for projects in this field.

Tourism and Leisure Innovation

We conceive projects, initiatives and events that value innovation and sustainable tourism.

In this area, we have two lines of action. On the one hand, tourism innovation projects of our own initiative and that address issues of general interest; and on the other hand, we develop and produce actions for third parties, both public and private.

Project finance consulting

In a transversal way to all our services, we provide the possibility of advice and consultancy on public financing in all its areas of competence (European funds, national, regional and local incentives), according to the project addressed, ensuring greater financing opportunities for our clients, and the enhancement of their final proposals.

We also take care of the search for financing and private sponsorships. In this case, it can be a punctual performance for a specific project; or it can be part of an integral development and production proposal within the different assignments of our services.

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